Geological Society of Australia

Provides and opportunity to keep in touch with scientific developments, present the results of their work and contribute to discussions on vocational and scientific topics.

AusIMM Women in Mining Network (WIMnet)

AusIMM WIMnet is a national initiative which support the attraction and retention of women in the minerals industry. Membership is open to all (including non-AusIMM members), regardless of gender.

Women in Mining and resources Western Australia

Aims to encourage women to increase their presence in the industry, provide a strong network for women, and for the industry to be proactive in attracting and retaining women in the resources sector.

Women in Mining and resources Queensland

A diverse community of passionate people collaborating to connect, nurture and support women to achieve their goals within the Queensland minerals and energy sector.

women in oil and gas

An organisation committed to promoting diversity, and the career advancement of women, in the Oil & Gas industry in Australia.

women in research

A fantastic website with a wide range of resources covering: managing you, managing your career, mentoring and managing others, gender equality, stories, surveys, a blog and more.

Academic Mamas: Motherhood and Academia

A series of blogs on gender inequity in academia and stories of academic women working across diverse disciplines in Australian Universities by Capstone Editing. Our President, Heather Handley, shared her personal story as an academic primary carer and describes how a supportive employer, their policies and initiatives are crucial to keeping women in the pipeline read here

Franklin women

Franklin Women is a community of women working in health and medical research related careers. There aim is to bring together like-minded women to create opportunities for networking, personal and professional development and career progression, both in and outside of academia. Oh, and to have a little fun too. Great newsletters.

New Zealand


The Society encourages the advancement of the geosciences in New Zealand and has more than 700 members, an elected national committee, eight branches and a number of subcommittees and special interest groups. Membership is open to all who are interested in the geosciences.


Earth Science Women's Network

An international peer-mentoring network of women in the Earth Sciences, many of whom are in the early stages of their careers. Their mission is to promote career development, build community, provide opportunities for informal mentoring and support, and facilitate professional collaborations.


GeoLatinas are an inclusive, member-driven organisation. Their mission is to empower, embrace, and inspire Latinas to pursue and thrive in careers in Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Association for Women Geoscientists

The Association for Women Geoscientists is an international organization devoted to enhancing the quality and level of participation of women in geosciences and to introduce girls and young women to geoscience careers. Membership is open to anyone who supports AWG's goals.

Women in coastal geoscience and engineering

Aiming to inspire, support and celebrate women at all stages of their careers, through networking, mentoring, and pushing for equal representation and opportunities.


Dedicated to outreach activities aimed at encouraging participation of women and underrepresented groups in archaeological, geological, and palaeontological science.

Women in GIS

Women in GIS (WiGIS) is an international, professional, and social organization as well as an advocacy group for women and their allies. The aim of WIGIS is to serve as a safe place for women from all geospatial fields to work towards overcoming job discrimination, lower pay, professional isolation, and other common barriers women might face, and foster relationships and resource sharing among members and institutions.


A dedicated site for Geology Enthusiasts, and Outdoor Adventurers, bringing news, updates, special events, and more to the Women of Geology, a community of women in the sciences. A fun and collaborative environment, where people from all over can come together and empower one another in unity.


Aim to promote young female researchers, in particular those from developing countries, by increasing the overall public presence of female scientists. They want to correct classic stereotypes by presenting “real” female scientists – in which areas do female scientists work? What have they achieved? What type of people are these women? What are they interested in?


The STEMMinist Book Club features online and face-to-face meet ups to discuss key books about women in STEMM and feminism. Follow on Twitter: @stemminist


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